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The 20% Campaign.

20% Cooperative and Social Enterprise

Cooperative and Social Enterprise Businesses are businesses with principles and ethics bound into their constitutions. Putting people and the environment first, they are often described as not-for-profit and offer a principled alternative to private, for profit business.

They account for £billions of pounds turnover in the economy and millions of jobs. Indeed, around the world the United Nations estimated in 1994 that the livlihood of nearly 3 billion people, or half of the world's population, was made secure by co-operative enterprise.

However, government investment in cooperatives and social enterprise, compared to that in private business is minimal. The 20% Cooperative and Social Enterprise campaign is asking for the minister responsible for investment in business to ensure the amount invested in Cooperative and Social Enterprises is monitored and that a minimum target of 20% of the money spent on business development is directed directly at Cooperative and Social Enterprises and their specialist advisors.

Move Your Business is helping coordinate the campaign and we are gathering a list of petitioners at:

If you want to do more please donate to, contact or join Move Your Business and take a look around the website to find other reasons why getting people to change or create their plan for the succession of their business with a Cooperative or Social Enterprise business model could be a step forward for them, their community and their environment.

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