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How writing saved my life – twice

writing-in-notebook-closeup-picture-id1080259016?k=6&m=1080259016&s=612x612&w=0&h=GnLvumJG3MmjJTVvown3E2ImFxWOj93nrrat1aF-UCI=&profile=RESIZE_400xAfter being mugged, crime author Chris Whitaker found himself unable to cope with the trauma. Putting his thoughts down on paper helped – then disaster struck again

I’ve always struggled with the concept of asking for help. To me it seems like acknowledging a failure, raising a hand and declaring myself inadequate. Mental health is in the news every day; in theory it’s never been more acceptable to talk about it, yet I still feel nervous as I write this. On the surface I am eternally positive. I’m someone who likes making people laugh. I joke around a lot. That’s the me I like people to see, and to remember. But I also have the ability to self-destruct in spectacular style.


The Guardian

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