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  • Looking for ways in which we can develop the concept of a credit union into a a community bank. One model in the states is the SolidarityNYV and  CES approaches where a shop front and other supportive social enterprises are interspersed.  But it's quite hard to find an organisation that, in a more radical contemporary sense, moves away from just lending to people on low incomes as, perhaps, a Friendly Society model which might extend the issue, and its status, in a more representative approach. Peter Durrant. 01223 415597.

    • Hi Peter,

      I would be interested to hear more (My email is Credit Unions are far more than lenders to people on low incomes. Even in Britain, which has been slow to take up the Credit Union advantage, there are Credit Unions that offer business loans, ISA's, mortgages, current accounts and more. I would resist the undemocratic and less accountable Community Bank direction. I would be happy to talk about options you could pursue


      • John. I take your point and, apart from being an investor in union, I am no longer directly involved locally. But it does seems to me that the reference above to in the States does create a more inclusive, social enterprises oriented approach than much of our thinking in this country. Although it may also be a north-south issue and here in East Anglia it has been hard work for many years. Yet although the city council in Cambridge are now involved I've been trying for years to persuade the social services/county council - especially given that being ripped off by loan sharks is a major reason why kids come into care -to break away from what I still see as 'a poor man's bank approach.' Whereas, as you know, many local authorities in the north have long been involved through pay-roll deduction systems.
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