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The mutual-self-help forum for co-operators and community activists:

Available to support co-operators, community activists, Co-operatives, Mutuals, Social Enterprises, Schools & Colleges, and community groups.

EMPOWERus is a very large international platform and we appreciate that it can sometimes be confusing or difficult to locate just what you are looking for. In an effort to help, we have included a very powerful search facility which you will find towards the top right corner of most pages. This search option will scan the whole platform for what you are seeking.

You can also use the menu bar to go straight to different zones within the platform. There are zones for Co-operatives, Charities and Community Groups to use, as well as zones specialising in the sharing of information such as grants, volunteering, or policy and resources. Small enterprises, that benefit their communities, or create employment, are also permited to make free use of the "Adverts & General Notices" or "Products & Services" zone areas.

Community Organisations or Co-operatives or Mutuals can have their own zones  within the EMPOWERus platform, by creating a new "group" (see groups on the menu above) and this can either be 'open' to all users or 'closed' and private for your members/supporters/volunteers.

In addition to promoting your organisations and their activities, EMPOWERus is also a useful information exchange for both individual activists and membership groups.

Greater collective benefits will be gained as more organisations and more individuals participate

Your organisations will benefit from your activists learning from the experience of others including activists engaged with other types of organisations.

Therefore use the 'invite friends' option at the top of the "members" page (see menu, above) and invite your contacts to join in using EMPOWER.

Organisations can also assist each other using the EMPOWER forum:

Encourage other organisations to join in by telling them about the benefits of mutual-self-help and the EMPOWERus forum. Here is a link to a PDF which you can either provide to other organisations or download yourself for distribution or attaching to emails:

Don't forget the "search" option.

EMPOWERus is a content-rich site and includes a large archive.

If you can't see what you need displayed on the main page or tab pages, then please use the "search" option at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Use the tabs!

You will see a number of tabs in the menu bar towards the top of the page.

Explore these to become more familiar with the site.

Some of the tabs lead to specialist areas which relate to projects or sources of shared information. Some invite you to add comments or information, others are read only. There are two 'open' tabs where people can post their adverts or notices and details of products & services. Provided these do not breach site policy they are left unedited. Moderators may however move or copy some of those postings to more appropriate tabs often to help draw more attention to them.

Please do NOT copy or upload your general adverts or notices to other tabs!

It is important that we keep the tabs specific to their purpose. It is not fair to force other users to have to trawl through irelevant information when they are seeking something specific in a tab area. If you abuse the tab areas then you are likely to be removed from the site together with everything that you have posted, which means that you have wasted your time and opportunity.

Don't forget!

You are only seeing a part of the total content of the EMPOWERus platform.

A lot of the content is 'private' to user groups and their members. To see that material you would need to join the specific group(s) as applicable. Invitations are controlled by the groups themselves.

These private areas include membership communication, training courses, access to resources provided by organisations for their own membership.

You can set up your own 'group pages' for your community organisation, charity, or social enterprise (but NOT 'for profit' organisation). You can then use your group pages to work with your members and supporters.

Click on the "groups" tag on the menu and when the page opens click "add".

You will need to issue invitations to the people that you wish to participate.

Remember to publicise your EMPOWERus "group" in your emails, on your website, and in your newsletters. Inform new users that they will need to register on in order to participate.

If you require any assistance in using EMPOWERus there are basic instructions on the 'main' page but if you need more specific help then email:

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