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Hi my name is Mikkel and i'm from Denmark.
I would like to share my opinion on the topic "The Danish Effect" or why is the Danes so happy?

I have been looking around the internet seeing blogs and such for other peoples opinion.

This is a interesting one i found;

"As I think I mentioned before, one reason my class thought Denmark was one of the happiest countries in the world is because of their low expectations.
From what I’ve observed, Danes are also very level-headed when it comes to life circumstances.
By that I mean they are well-equipped to handle death and illness for example because they understand that it is just a part of life that is out of our control.
In my own life, I have found that it is easy to forget that we are not able to control everything.
Once you realize some things just happen, your expectations are lowered and your reaction to those circumstances is more positive.

The OECD also found that Americans discriminate less between emotional responses than Danes do.
For example, this means that Americans are likely to associate smiling, being proud, and feelings of happiness, whereas Danes can feel either pride or happiness without eliciting a smile.
Or one could be smiling, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is feeling positive emotions.
I’ve noticed this with my host family, because even if my host parents have had a bad day, they still are smiling and carrying on as if they did have a good day.
Or, if something really great happened that day, their demeanor is the same as if nothing really special had happened that day.
I often feel as if I am being interpreted as “fake” because I am enthusiastic if I really like a meal or if I’ve had a good day.
This leads to the next point we talked about in class, that generally Americans are more emotional than Danes.
An interesting point is that perhaps it’s not that American’s are more emotional per say, but they are more likely to express whichever emotions they are feeling.
In the United States, showing emotion and being passionate about something is very much related, so we are positively reinforced when we show our emotions.
However, in Denmark, it isn’t necessary to show every emotion you are feeling."

I personally don't think that he is being interpreted as "fake", but thats just me may just have been some of that type of people.
I think that Denmark is a happy country due to how we do things. I'm a student and the lessons can be rather fun due to the fact that thats just how Danes are, even in school we joke around even with teachers.
A little example, the sun is shining outside and it seems like a good time to be outside, but, we are about to have a lesson. This have happened to me, the teacher would say something like "You know what, let's go outside." just as simple as that.
I can't personally say how other countrys do their education, but i know someone in the UK, she always so jealous when i tell her about something fun we did and she just had 2 hours of math.
As i said i don't know how their education system work but, here we have diffrent kinds of lessons but mainly danish and math evry day but we also have breaks in between.
I can see how she can be jealous when she may just have had science for 3 hours(this is true), that my friends, is what i call a joy killer.

Thanks for taking your time to read my little opinion, i'm new here so i just wanted to post something i'm familiar with, hope you'll have a great day.

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