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Things You Need to Know about Payday Loans

Before acquiring any kind of loan, you must have to check all necessary things about that particular loan. Firstly, let me explain some core features of payday loans. Payday loans are short term loans in which from $100 to $3000 could be lending to borrower. However, payback period also lies between 12 to 16 months as well.  If we talk about interest rate then in the beginning, interest rates at payday loans were higher and can be increased in the case of delay but after the implementation of new rules of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), that interest rate has also been decreased.

One of the good aspects of payday loan is that you can get quick loan at your poor credit score but things could be worse for you in the case not paying debt at time. However, in following case, payday loans could be a wrong choice for you:

  • If you are acquiring it to get luxuries rather than for necessities of life
  • If you think, you would not be able to payback at accurate time
  • If you are going to pay your other loan with this payday loan
  • If you already have one or more payday loans

Therefore, I just recommend you to must concern these things before getting a payday loan and always be careful from payday loan traps as well.



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Myong Kauzlarich works as financial expert and she is also working in blogging industry since last 3 years.

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